Summer Employment

The Summer Camp staff are compassionate, dedicated individuals who believe in our mission and are committed to helping our campers discover healthy and enjoyable alternatives to the lifestyles to which they are accustomed. The counselors live in the bunks with the campers and teach activities. We are proud to have camper alumnae on our staff as well as counselors who grew up in the foster care system and can relate to our campers in a heartfelt way. All benefit our campers and instill within them a sense of hope and encouragement. The Summer Camp employs 35 female counselors each summer, from various racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Dates of Employment: June 12-August 16, 2019 

Residential Camp Counselors


Our counselors create a safe and welcoming atmosphere, helping establish a sense of belonging, hope and encouragement for each camper. Counselors are hired after an interview and a demonstration of meeting the following criteria:
•    Devotion to helping young girls at-risk
•    Ability to express compassion, understanding and encouragement of others
•    Positive social and emotional health
•    Willingness to face and overcome challenges
•    Ability to work among a diverse peer group
•    Successful completion of a professional background check

From June 14th through June 20th, all counselors participate in professional training sessions. Workshops include:
•    American Red Cross CPR and First Aid
•    Maintaining Safety
•    Behavior Compliance 
•    Children’s Mental Health and Development
•    Driver Safety

Healthcare Professional

We hire a Registered Nurse to ensure the health and well-being of our campers and counselors. In this position, most duties include distributing prescribed medications and triaging campers to decide if further medical treatment is necessary. We hire one nurse per session. Nurses may choose to work one ten-day session or more if desired.

The Summer Camp collaborates with the Lincoln Medical Partners in Waldoboro, Maine to provide additional medical treatment as needed. 


What activities are available for me to teach as a counselor?

Activities include:  archery, dance, drama, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, literacy, land sports, photography, science explorers. arts and crafts, fun-food and fitness and Hardy Girls (A self-esteem, relationship building curriculum). 

How much will I be paid?

The base salary for all counselors is $1,400 for the season.

How long is the season?

The typical season runs from June 14th through August 2nd. Additional positions will be available to qualified counselors for a 13-day Hiking and Canoeing session from August 4th through the 16th.

Although I am a California girl, Maine has captured my heart. I had the time of my life with the girls I met this summer. I think about many of the girls on a daily basis, and I am so lucky to have met girls who I can truthfully say have changed my life forever.
— Becca, Counselor