Camper Information

A Home Away From Home


Camper Information

A Home Away From Home

2017 Dates

Staff Training

June 14 - June 21


Session 1

June 21 - June 30

Campers from ME & RI

Session 2

July 2 - July 11

Campers from NY & ME

Session 3

July 13 - July 22

Campers from NY, MA & ME

Session 4

July 24 - August 2

Campers from MA, NH & ME 

Session 5

August 4 - August 16
(Hiking & Canoeing)

Campers from all over the Northeast

Camper Registration

The Summer Camp has a limited number of applications available. For this reason, applications need to be requested directly and are not available online. To learn more about how you can receive an application, please call us (800) 979-9896 or click the button below to send us an email.

If you received an application, but have misplaced the additional health, federal food or new camper reference forms, they are available through the links below for your convenience:

Camper Logistics

Camper Alumnae

Welcome back camper alumnae! 

Summer Campers of the past we are reaching out to you! Each summer (and for hundreds of you, multiple summers) we watched you grow from unsure little girls into confident young ladies. As you grew, we took pride in your many accomplishments.

For more than 30 years, The Summer Camp has served nearly 10,000 campers! We would like to connect with as many of these campers as possible. Please help us accomplish this goal by submitting this form. If you are still in contact with friends you made at The Summer Camp, share this page with them and encourage them to reach out to us as well. THANK YOU! We can't wait to hear from you!

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I started coming to The Summer Camp when I was only eight. Camp, specifically our camp, is one of my favorite past times. I describe it as one of my favorite places in the world.
— Shayna, Camper Alumni